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LHG|BREWPUB Citra & BRU-1 Pale (GF) (5.0%) - 50L Steel

LHG|BREWPUB Citra & BRU-1 Pale (GF) (5.0%) - 50L Steel

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STYLE: Dual Hopped Pale w/ Citra & BRU-1

ABV: 5.0%

SIZE: 50L Steel E-Keg

ALLERGENS: Malted Barley

DIETARIES: Vegan friendly 🌱 Gluten free

PACKAGED: 04/10/22

BEST BEFORE: 04/04/23

Citra & Bru-1 hops working effortlessly to bring notes of pineapple, orange peel and dried apricots to the aroma and palate. Clean and balanced with bright flavours and a refreshing finish, this is a sure fire winner!