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LHG|BREWPUB Pilsner 5.2%

LHG|BREWPUB Pilsner 5.2%

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STYLE: German Pilsner w/ Tettnanger

ABV: 5.2%

SIZE: 50L E-Keg

ALLERGENS: Malted Barley

DIETARIES: Vegan friendly 🌱

PACKAGED: 04/10/21

BEST BEFORE: 04/04/22

A new addition to our range of lagers, in the form of a German style Pilsner. Herbal aromas from Tettnanger hops are backed up by a medley of choice German hops, providing a firm and pleasing bitterness to a continental malt base. The finish is full bodied, yet crisp, refreshing and delightfully moreish.