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Solitude (Milk Stout) 7.0% - 20L KeyKeg

Solitude (Milk Stout) 7.0% - 20L KeyKeg

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STYLE: Milk Stout w/ Brazilian Natural processed Ibiraci by New Cut Coffee , Hazelnut and Vanilla

ABV: 7.0%

SIZE: 20L Key Keg

ALLERGENS: Barley, Wheat, Oats, Lactose

DIETARIES: Contains lactose, unsuitable for vegans

PACKAGED: 13/03/23

BEST BEFORE: 13/12/23

We're always excited to see Solitude coming out of tank, and this time we've switched up the coffee, turning to our good friends at New Cut Coffee for some of their delicious beans.

Reminiscent of a silky ganache with a robust, roasty backbone thanks to Chocolate malts and Roasted Barley in the grist, also with additions of Hazelnut and Tanzanian Vanilla, post-fermentation. The natural Ibiraci brings welcome notes of pure cocoa and berry jam.